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It doesn’t matter if you are an adult collecting Lalaloopsy Dolls for yourself, or if you are an adult looking for an idea for a gift for a child, our Lala Loopsy doll site has reviews to help you choose just exactly the right doll!

Every doll has its own personality that comes from the material used to make it. They are only twelve inches high and perfect for little hands to pick up and hold or place into their magical Lalaloopsy Land. The dolls will stand up to anything your child does to the doll. They are made to last a long time.

These full-sized Lalaloopsy Dolls make a great toy or collectors item.  Any one of them makes a perfect holiday or birthday gift.

Another collection of Lalaloopsy Dolls are only three inches high or miniatures. This really is great on a budget for one child or two. With so many to choose from, your daughter could receive a full size doll as she is extra special and then her regular favorites to play with everyday.

Meet the Lalaloopsy Dolls!

Lalaloopsy Dolls can match your child’s own personality and make the doll come to life practically. Like Jewel Sparkles because her dress is made from a real princess dress. Every girl dreams of being a princess one day with beautiful ballgowns and jewelry.

Jewel Sparkles Lalaloopsy Doll

Jewel Sparkles even has a tiny pink Persian cat. She will of course have a little bit of princess attitude!

Crumb Sugar Cookie loves to bake! What girl doesn’t want to help in the kitchen?

Crumb Sugar Cookie Lalaloopsy Doll

Her material is made from a real cooking apron. She has wonderful manners and is charming. She also loves tea parties with her friends. Crumb Sugar Cookie also has a pet mouse to pick up the crumbs behind her.

Of course your little one loves her nap time and when its bedtime she wants to be comforted with her favorite doll. The Lalaloopsy Pillow Featherbed will help with peaceful sweet dreams.

Pillow Featherbed Lalaloopsy Doll

The material of the doll is made from a soft baby blanket. She loves milk and cookies of course with a bedtime story. She will have a pet sheep to bring along to cuddle with.

With upcoming winter weather, Lalaloopsy Mittens Fluff N Stuff will keep her little warm. She is made from a real Eskimos scarf.

Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff Lalaloopsy Doll

So, bring on the snowball fights, build a snow girl and of course lots of hot chocolate. Mittens comes with a pet polar bear to join in the snow fun.

If you have a daughter that dreams of being a pirate or have a son that definitely is one, then try the Lalaloopsy Patch Treasurechest.

Patch Treasurechest Lalaloopsy Doll

Made from a real pirates outfit, he is ready to go hunting for buried treasure. Exploring of course will take hours so he has a pet parrot to talk for company. He of course does not use maps very well, so your little one will have to help him along the path of discovery.

There are even more Lalaloopsy Dolls to check out and still more will be coming soon! So, discover a new world called Lalaloopsy Land and find a world of FUN with your child. This is valuable, treasured family time that you cannot wait for!

Join the fun and get your own Lala Loopsy Doll!