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Lalaloopsy Doll Suzette La Sweet!

Suzette La Sweet Doll is Royally Cute!

Suzette La Sweet With the Lalaloopsy Suzette La Sweet Doll, you’ll be invited into a world of leisure and luxury. Suzette was once a rag doll who magically came to life when her last stich was sewn. She was sewn from pieces of a dress from a real duchess, and because of this, she leads the life of a pampered royalty.

The MGA made the new Lalaloopsy Suzette La Sweet Doll  just for you! Transport you to the elegant world of magic. With her  colorful pink and blue attaire, Lalaloopsy looks more cute and beautiful.

Not just that, Suzette La Sweet has her own pet. Poodles are like dog royalty so a good match to our duchess Suzette!

You will be delighted in Suzette’s favorite activities, like eating fancy pastries, that work well with her indulgent lifestyle.

Recommended for ages 4 to 8 years old

Suzette La Sweet

This Lalaloopsy Doll, Suzette La Sweet, has a Sewn on Date of December 9th, which is National Pastry Day. Since she loves to eat pastries, it’s a great fit!

What people say about Suzette La Sweet

Here are some comments from people who have actually bought this Lalaloopsy doll.

… My 3 1/2 year old got this Lalaloopsy for Christmas and she loves it. She takes it with her and it is very durable. Lots of fun!

… I wasn’t prepared for this doll to be made of hard plastic. Not knowing what might appeal to my 6yr old niece, though not to me, I went ahead and gave it as a gift. Not a word has been said. I can’t blame her. I really didn’t like this thing!
Cute, but cold.

… I got this for my little neighbor … she loved it she played with it the whole time she was at my house. I thought it was a really cool doll and it seemed to keep her attention, it seemed durable even though she is only four years old, My sons girl friends little girl wants one …  I know I will be getting it from amazon because I hate shopping. LOL definately a real cute doll. Wish they had this kinda stuff when i was little. :)

See all reviews here.”

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 stars.

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Compare Different Versions of the Lalaloopsy Doll Suzette La Sweet

Check out this chart to see some of the different styles of this doll that are available, and different prices.  Besides the original Lalaloopsy version which is plastic, there is also a mini version as well.

TitleLalaloopsy Suzette La SweetMini Lalaloopsy Suzette La SweetLalaloopsy Exclusive Doll Figure Suzette La SweetLalaloopsy Silly Hair - Suzette La Sweet
FeatureBeautiful, embellished Lalaloopsy dollwith white pearlescent hair
Adorable pet poodle
Articulated head, arms, and legs
Shoes and clothes can be removed forfashion play
Totally collectable
Mini Lalaloopsy Suzette La Sweet
Lalaloopsy Exclusive Doll Figure Suzette La Sweet
Lalaloopsy with wacky, wild hair that really bends
Hair allows you to curl, twist, and straighten
Includes fun hair styling brush, 4 clips and 6 hair beads
Endless silly styles
Pet has matching bendable tail
Height13 inch0 inch0 inch13 inch
Rating out of 5 stars out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars out of 5 stars
LinkMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore Info

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Source of Buyer Reviews and Description:

You can click HERE to learn more about National Pastry Day.


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